Our mission is the continuous improvement of our team, tools, business processes to build innovative and reliable prototypes at a competitive cost, for the full satisfaction of our customers worldwide.


G.P. is a motorcycle design studio with many years of experience.
Our history is what we are most proud of.

A long history

SAlthough the birth of the company G.P. is quite recent (2013) the roots of this organization are much more distant in time...

"I decided that in life I would design and build motorcycles while I was in high school and once I graduated I practically never stopped doing so....".

However, on April 18, 1993, on the Monza racetrack, the first motorcycle with a frame designed and built entirely by Giuseppe Ghezzi made its debut in the "Battle of Twins" category.

A history of success

In the following years the "school of competitions" takes its course and the little experience is often overcome by determination and grit, so among excitement and disappointment come the first successes, then the title of Italian Supertwins Champion in 1996, then other victories, other titles a bit 'everywhere until the international victories in Daytona in 2006 and 2007.

25th April 1994, Samuele Sardi on Ghezzi wins the Battle of Twins on the Monza circuit, the first victory of a long series of a Ghezzi motorcycle.

The first victory.... you never forget!

A history of innovations

Being innovative doesn't just mean doing different things, but more importantly, building things that work well, at an acceptable cost, before others come to the same conclusions. This is the spirit we put into each of our projects!

In 2000, Ghezzi-Brian Supertwin was the first motorcycle in the world to homologate peripheral brake discs. In 2009 the Millepercento BB1 was the first motorcycle equipped with a Guzzi engine to be homologated with a single throttle body for 2 cylinders.

8 July 2016 filing of an international patent application for the RELIS system, a revolutionary system for the construction of tilting wheel vehicles. Author and owner of the invention: G.P. by Giuseppe Ghezzi.

But there is still much more in our drawers.

Always looking to the future!

In a world that is changing faster and faster, being in love with your work and having a strong propensity for innovation is no longer enough.

We need a great team, strongly motivated and with a positive attitude to face every kind of possible challenge.

For this reason in 2019 we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Asian company Sundance that represents G.P. in Asia to our customers and suppliers to offer the best service at a competitive cost wherever possible to our customers.