Being innovative does not only mean doing different things, but above all, designing useful things, building vehicles that work well, at an reasonable cost, using combinations of intelligent solutions.

G.P. is a company with a strong propensity for innovation

The challenge of creating new things attracts us, being innovative is our nature, we know how to overcome our limits in accordance with knowledge, respecting the environment and trusting people. This is why we are daily focused on developing different concepts of sustainable urban mobility.


Powertrain “HEPU”

It is the first fruit of the collaboration between G.P. and Sundance. The attention to environmental issues has led us to develop with our Asian partners a high performance electric powertrain with advanced features. This project is in an advanced testing stage and will be the platform to equip a family of "0 emissions" vehicles that we are planning to realize in the coming years.


Agreement with Sundance
Technology Design

After some years of collaboration in 2019 G.P. and Sundance sign a collaboration agreement to develop projects able to maximize G.P.'s design ability and Asian production capacity.


Patent filing of
the "RELIS" system

In 2016 G.P. files the patent application for the construction of tilting wheeled vehicles. The extraordinary simplicity of the system and the excellent functioning make it indispensable to realize safe, economical and advanced vehicles. In 2020 the patent is released, and covers Europe, Asia, USA.


MPC BB1 and
the "AIR-ONE" system

In the construction of the BB1 vehicle for the MPC company, the "Air-one" intake system was designed and developed, where a single throttle body feeds a plenum that sends air to the 2 cylinders of the Moto Guzzi engine then used. This configuration, approved for the first time by MPC in 2009, was followed several years later by Moto Guzzi itself on various engines currently on the market and is now commonly used by several motorcycle manufacturers.


Supertwin 1100 first series approved vehicle with peripheral brake discs

In the realization of the Supertwin 1100 of Ghezzi-Brian, an innovative braking system with peripheral discs is installed and used for the first time in the world in a motorcycle approved for road use.